Teddy Trenowden  #teddytrenowdenblueskies

Teddy is a 19-year-old British/Canadian singer-songwriter based in Kent, UK and Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada. He started singing chorally at the age of 6 which over the years has given hime the chance to sing in prestigious locations such as Notre Dame, St Paul's and Dubrovnik Cathedrals. Now 19, he is looking forward to the next chapter of his singing career at Bristol University.


His music is a self-styled fusion of acoustic pop and draws influence from artists such as the Gallagher brothers, Elliot Smith, Daughter and Half Moon Run. His first EP 'Blue Skies' is released on Spotify, Itunes and just about every other platform you can imagine on 22nd January 2018. Follow up tracks were released later in the year on 'Don't bring me down' also on Spotify.


There is a very personal story behind the title track dedicated to his Mother who is fighting a rare form of cancer Pseudomyxoma peritonei. More can be found on this disease and the work that is being done to combat it at www.pelicancancer.org.

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