The Miracle of Bean's Bullion

Whilst camping in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada ‘Bird’ Doggley is spirited through time from 1962 to the present day.  In his new world he encounters the grandchildren of his best friend, Bobby Bean who are on holiday from England. With their help and that of the mysterious Jonny Eagle they attempt to solve a local mystery of stolen gold bullion. If this goes to plan, then there is the small matter of whether Bird will make it back to his own time. If he does will he change the course of history and future events? Time will tell.


The Miracle of Bean's Bullion is set on the Aspotogan Peninsula and Halifax environs and is a story of time travel, friendship, the righting of wrongs and ultimately the fulfillment of a dream.




Atticus and Esme in

The Chickenburger



The story is set in Nova Scotia a Province on the East Coast of Canada.

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